Our Annoncements :

  • There will be IPTV Checker v4.0 that includes some new tools like combos tools …etc ( will support SOCKS and HTTP Proxies , some other improvement..etc )
  • IPTV Checker Android APP ready to start working on it , planning is done
  • There will be r00tv LIVE TV restream near our VOD Package ( give us sometime on this )
  • Will make video tutorials for our leechers
  • There will be new ideas, tools & bots but they are planned for a surprise so stay tuned
  • And ofcourse i will continue making free tools & tutorials
    Everything listed before , we are working on it parallelly.
    Since there is a lot of work going on , as i am the owner (bondbenz) i will rarely answer private messages , so if you need support/answers around our services/tools please visit our website and chat with the support directly.

IPTV Checker v3.0 Update
IPTVChecker for Smartphone

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