IPTV Checker V5.0 UPDATE

IPTV Checker v5.0 is RELEASED !


  • Added Compatiblity to:
    • XUI One Panels (XUI One Servers)
    • ZAPx Panels (XC Servers)
    • NXT-DASH Panels (XC Servers)
    • StreemCreed Panels (XC Servers)
  • 10X Faster Checking Time
  • Faster Loading Time
  • New Lightweight Size
  • Fixed Threads
  • Fixed Random Stop
  • Fixed Window Size
  • Fixed Menu
  • Other Bug Fixes

Order Link (Bitcoin):

IPTV Checker v5.0 Premium Subscription : https://r00tv.org/index.php/product/iptv-checker-subscription/
IPTV Checker v5.0 ONETIME : https://r00tv.org/index.php/product/iptv-checker-subscription/

Order using PayPal or PM @bondbenz :
TopUp and Order here : https://services.r00tv.org/dashboard/products/

PS : Customers with Subscription version please enter your tool again you will see the update link for free.
Customers with OneTime version , if you want to upgrade to v5.0 , it will cost you : 15£

For upgrade contact support.

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