r00tv Services

r00tv Services Released ❤️ !

Register Now: https://services.r00tv.org/register/
? Top up your balance using PayPal and use our services; Minimum Top Up is 10€ (Be patient while you top up your credits).
? Current available services :
Cloudflare bypass, Get real IP behind Cloudflare, and stop being banned (You will not get charged if you didn’t find anything).
Leak protection system: Check if your server has been cracked and remove all the hacked accounts from your server; Search for IPTV Hits by providing Host DNS or just provider name. It searches on the whole internet websites, telegram channels, telegram groups …etc.
? If there is any error or you did have payment stuck please report to @bondbenz.

VOD Content Leeching (Movies & Series)
Automatic Mass Import VOD Released

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