IPTV Checker Mobile v2.0 Update

IPTV Checker v2.0 Mobile Released ! ?
You can now crack servers / test your servers security via mobile smoothly.
Changelog v2.0:
Layout Fixed
Fixed working in background
Fixed Rotation to not lose stats
Removed Errors counter
Mixed Errors counter with Bads counter
Added Proxy Scrapper [file will be saved to your downloads folder][proxyscrape api]
Added Current Combo Stats
Added Progress in format of numbers
Added Edit Mode where you can copy/edit the log
Fixed Progress when Combo position changed. [after beta test]
Added Settings:
Added Combos Position to start [default = 1]
Added Header Hit Text [support emojis]
Added Footer Hit Text [support emojis]
Added Hit symbole [Max 4 characters] [support emojis]
Added Hit Sound with enable disable option [built-in sound]
Note : Settings will be saved even after closing the app.

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